IT Support


Network Security Audits- we can test your network, servers and tell you how safe it is from the outside as well as from the inside

Firewalls - we will choose the best firewall for your needs we're always one step ahead of the most up to date technologies

Websites filtering- managing internet website browsing, messengers and other online services to make sure your employees work in efficient way

Anti-Spam - on request we can provide you with an email filtering service to make sure you don't get annoying spam, advertisement and phishing emails

Data Encryption - extremely useful for mobile users who use laptops on a daily basis. If your laptop gets stolen or simply lost on the train, encryption will help you to keep the data safe and unreachable even if you remove the hard drive

Secure data destruction - Complete destruction of old backup tapes, hard drives and cds

Antivirus protection - with centralized server for better security and safer web browsing